Our professional trajectory and international contacts in the financial industry allow us to have unique access to various investment opportunities.

We have an exclusive reach to investment funds, Real Estate opportunities and international financial entities that allow us to offer added value to our clients.

We do not own investment products. Through detailed analysis by our team to protect our clients.


CCS FINANZAS supports what is fair, therefore one of our priorities is to meet and analyze whether the costs of services that we outsource is adequate. We will do our best to reduce them in a transparent and professional manner.

CCS FINANCE negotiates the external commissions to ensure an adequate balance between payment of commissions and profits on your investments. That way, we cover all your needs.


At CCS FINANCE we know that in some cases many high net worth families do not have enough time to meet and monitor their suppliers (banking, lawyers, insurance).
That is why we exist, to meet each one of them for you.

Our aim is to make your life easier, so that you are properly informed and can have greater control and optimization over your assets and financial relationships.


Foundations help us reach the most disadvantaged people, protect climate change and other causes that we should not ignore. Our team believes in it.

For this reason, CCS FINANCE helps you find the foundation or non profit foundations suitable for you and your values. We analyze in detail your main priorities and concerns and we will give you access to your desired categories of foundations.


Proper follow-up is important to get good results in your portfolio. For this reason, CCS FINANZAS carries out an exhaustive control of the markets and your investments.

Our analysis of your portfolio makes us stay ahead and detect difficulties in time. We will proactively inform you and help you and your family make the changes that are best suited to your needs.

You will always have the last word. We listen to you and guide you to have an efficient management of your interests and family assets.


At CCS FINANCE you are fully in control to manage your assets and we accompany you in that process. There is complexity when it comes to supervising every move of each of your bank accounts. CCS FINANCE will manage this process for you and inform you of inconsistencies.


We maintain your family’s connectivity, collaboration and continuity. As families grow, the development of a family governance system becomes a critical component of the family’s plan for managing its wealth for the succeeding generations.

We help families maintain an adequate communication and interaction between the members of the families. By doing so, the interests of each of its members can be understood. Each member has his own ideals, investment profiles and different goals.

CCS FINANCE helps you in this process for better decision making. We take into account family structure, family tree and personal circumstances, which are essential to maintain your family heritage.

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