• Search and access of analyzed investment opportunities.
  • External fee negotiation.
  • Network and management of trusted service providers.
  • Constant monitoring of your investments.
  • Executive summaries, analysis and review.
  • Complement and support of existing Single Family Offices.
  • Family governance.
  • Philanthropic advisory.
  • Total honesty and transparency.
  • We stand by your side.
  • Exclusive and tailor made service.
  • Strict confidentiality.
  • Free from conflict of interest.
  • We foster long-term professional relationships.
  • Professionalism and competence.

New Service

Special recurring and specific financial consulting service MORE INFORMATION


”I have received personalized advice from Cristina from CCS Finanzas and she has given me a lot of comfort regarding the financial situation of my family. Cristina is a great professional. I felt that she gave me a lot of dedication and attention to detail.  I felt very supported by her.  I recommend her 100% and I will definitely seek her advice again in the future.“ N.C.

“I hired the financial consulting service of CCS Finanzas a week ago because I needed help in resolving some doubts I had about the funds in which I invested a while ago and did not know what to do after seeing the economic drama of the month of March. After Cristina's analysis and explanations, I can sleep well again, as I fully understand where I am and I have made changes that I should have made a long time ago.  I am more than happy to recommend this service”. M.M.

"I have several accounts in different banks, my work has no relationship with the financial world and sometimes I get lost when it comes to financial matters ... Having hired CCS Finanzas has helped me understand how my savings are at the moment and above all, it has been a learning experience in just one hour long phone call.  They have solved my doubts without arrogance and with patience and they have also clarified everything for me! I will contact them again for sure! ”. J.M.

“In full confinement and worried at home about the funds we have in pension plans, investment funds, etc ., we decided to engage the analysis and advice services of Cristina Campabadal through her website. After a first call to explain our situation and an email to respond to the information she requested, we had the final call with her during which we received her analysis, conclusions and advice. We are very grateful because we are much calmer now and we feel that we have an advisor that even if we do not know personally, has managed to gain our total trust and who we will hire again. We recommend her without any doubt ”.L.D. and M.P.

"Thank you for all your help. With your service I was calm from the first day, and you gave me a feeling of proximity and security. The highest possible score for you and your service. Without any doubt, I will contact you again every time I need help and advice. “ C.P.